Within the framework of the social project “Unmute” by the medical company “All for the ear”, with the support of the Chair of Acoustics and Acoustoelectronics of the Faculty of Electronics, KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, a free hearing check was performed. The action took place on November 14 and 15, 2018 in the premises of the Radio KPI. The co-organizers of the event were the Student Social Service of the KPI to them. Igor Sikorsky and the Media Center of the KPI who directly covered the event. The project “Unmute” was created by the weakening Natalia Petrenko in response to the help of people who collected funds for her new hearing aids. The act of gratitude has resulted in a large-scale project.

During the rally, 104 people were tested for hearing. In 11 of them, violations of hearing were detected. People were given advice and recommendations on their further actions. The reader immediately found his place at the Laboratory “Bio- and Psychoacoustics” of the Acoustics and Acoustoelectronics Department of the Faculty of Electronics of the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky (222 auditorium of the 12 corps). Full information about the action by the link: https: //www.facebook.com/629219490840662/videos/2083579711953882/