Since 2014, former students, and at present teachers of the Chair of Acoustics and Acoustoelectronics Alexander Nizhnik and Yaroslav Starovoyt, together with the postgraduate student of the department Andriy Svyatnenko, worked at the State Enterprise “Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Devices”. They took an active part in the development of modern hydroacoustic equipment, namely: radio-acoustic buoys, submarine submarine detection stations and a submarine sabotage detection station. The indicated hydroacoustic equipment is in demand not only in the territory of our country but also abroad. It was necessary to participate repeatedly in the field tests of equipment developed in the territory of Ukraine (the Black Sea) and abroad (China, India, South Korea , OAU). Recently, for a diligent work and a significant contribution to the development of various hydro acoustic equipment, our graduates were awarded with high state awards, which was handed over by the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine on aviation and anti-submarine defense. Yaroslav Starovoit was awarded with an honorary diploma “For the diligent performance of official duties and contribution to the restoration of combat readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”. Alexander Nizhnik and Andriy Svyatnenko were awarded the Honorary Award of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom” “For a significant contribution to the development of the defense industry of Ukraine.”