More than two weeks of nationwide quarantine have already passed. All educational institutions have moved to the distance form. Our Igor Sikorsky KPI is no exception.

Of course, this form of learning is not usual for our HEI and require many teachers to quickly master new technologies. But for students there are additional difficulties in self-organization of the educational process.

At the Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems, two rounds of students were surveyed about the current status of distance learning.The purpose of this survey was not only to control the educational process. But also trying to understand what problems are facing teachers, what tools they use.
Today we’d like to share with you some of our survey results.

Distribution of students who participated in the survey by EL:

Teachers choose their own way of distance learning format. Of course the first week there were some problems, but they were overcome. We bring to your attention the distribution of “platforms/ways” of distance learning, which have been selected not only by our faculty, but also by teachers of university courses. The second week’s poll was slightly adjusted, given the results of the first poll and the official appointment of the E-Campus system.

We understand that nobody was ready for such a shocking transition to distance learning. However, the results of the survey show that the teaching staff is making efforts to quickly master new technologies. From our students’ comments we learned that the training even uses the Discord computer player platform and Instagram social network. Also not passed by attention and Zoom, whose popularity is growing before our eyes.

The survey is planned to continue further.