Scientific group of students engaged in the following areas:

  1. Cleaning products from dirt, oil, blister with ultrasonic cavitation:
    • using a sealed emitter in any vessel with water;
    • using special devices having in their composition baths, in which a cavernous liquid medium is created.
  2. Cleaning liquid media from contamination with the use of standing waves.
  3. Transmission of information in a liquid or through liquid environments (for example, music in pools for aerobics).
  4. Development of “ultrasonic rod” that attracts fish in their catch.
  5. Cleaning natural reservoirs of animal carriers of leptospirosis and other dangerous diseases.

Scientific group leader is Professor of Department of AAE Dr.Sc.(Eng.) Prof. Oleksander Hryhorovych Leiko
Student-monitor group is Timur Reshetnik (DG-71)