4th week of distance learning

It has been a month of distance learning. The 4th week had its own peculiarity: passed tests of the students 4th year of the Bachelor's Degree in the department. The process was also organized in a remote form. The results of the 4th survey show the stability of the educational process Distribution of students who participated in the survey, by EL: Results of the distribution of learning platforms by EL:

3rd week of distance learning

Another week in the new learning environment. At the Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems, a traditional quarantine survey was conducted for students about the current state of distance learning. This time, 104 students participated in the survey. Has something changed? Distribution of students who participated in the survey by EL: The third week survey showed a slight increase in the share of Google Classroom, as well as more active use in the learning process Zoom. Separately want to note the positive feedback from the students of the first course of Bachelor of lectures at [...]

Two weeks of distance learning at the Department AMES

More than two weeks of nationwide quarantine have already passed. All educational institutions have moved to the distance form. Our Igor Sikorsky KPI is no exception. Of course, this form of learning is not usual for our HEI and require many teachers to quickly master new technologies. But for students there are additional difficulties in self-organization of the educational process. At the Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems, two rounds of students were surveyed about the current status of distance learning.The purpose of this survey was not only to control the educational process. But also trying to understand [...]